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I’m so excited to invite you to this space. I’ve wanted to start a Blessed Are They Blog since the creation of the shop in 2018. So here we are. This space is a place for me to play with my love of words, theology, and life. For you, this space is an invitation. An invitation to join me as we converse on these topics. Thank you for joining me!


My Story & why I need to write

I dove into Theology School with three young children. Why? Honestly, I’m not sure. I was a cradle Catholic and I was hungry to know more. I wanted to know the why behind everything I said I professed. As a young adult, I found myself just going through the motions with no real conviction. I desired real answers, real living, and a real life. NO surface level living, I wanted something more. I think many of us come to that place at some point in life. We want answers. I was in the process of discerning a degree and came upon Catholic Distance University Online based out of North Carolina, it didn’t take long to know it was the right fit. It took a total of six years what would take someone without children two or three, and endless 4 A.M. mornings to my claim of diving deeper, and no surface living! I hold my breath just thinking of those days… ”when will I be done?” It was so hard, but I gained what I was searching for. I first and foremost fell in love. I’ve always loved Jesus, but now I loved Jesus and truly loved my faith and the Church He instituted. Misconceptions about the Catholic faith I understood on a deeper level, but more than that, there was a love language involved now. Love really does conquer all, and on so many levels. One can’t live a surface life when one is in love. Just like in marriage, or any relationship, there’s no facade in true love. That doesn’t mean that life is easy or fits into some sort of mold, but it does mean there’s an honesty to it. A life beautifully lived means one must be honest with oneself. That’s the journey I was on and continue to seek every day. I fail much, and yet I’ve learned to pick myself up, brush off, and keep going. With a better understanding and with love, I look forward to encouraging and conversing with you on your faith journey, and maybe together we can create a supportive community of friendship, sharing, and growing.


Join Us

I would be thrilled if you enter into this journey. Let’s converse about the love language of faith and real-life living. We’re in this faith walk together. We have to be, because if we’re not then we’re walking alone. And Christ reminds us how unwise that is. As it says in Matthew, “for where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them.” I don’t want to walk alone as I believe you don’t either. I’ve made many friends upon the launching of Blessed Are They and hoping to make many more through the engagement of this blog.


– Sarah

Sarah Green


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