Seek Christ Over Balance

Have you ever wondered how to live a balanced life? I once desired to have what everyone called a “balanced life,” including the experts in magazines, but couldn’t seem to achieve one. What is a balanced life anyway when you have six children ranging from 6-23 and have homeschooled all of them?


Over the years, I’ve trained for marathons, earned my degree, and prepared to open a business all at 4 A.M. in the mornings. There has been absolutely nothing balanced about my life.


Many have labeled me extreme because they couldn’t quite wrap their head around what I felt called to do. That bothered me.


“Please Lord, give me a balanced life, not one that is branded extreme, “ I’d pray.”

This struggle led me to the saints and heroes of old. Was there a formula that fit all? Were the saints balanced? 

The saints and heroes I read about were unique. Their only similarities were an unabashed following of God’s call on their life. Some lived a balanced life of prayer and order. Yet many were extreme adventurers for Christ. By the saint’s example, I could see there really was no right or wrong way. The only way was to live a life for God’s glory whether slow and balanced or fierce and extreme. I, too, wanted to live this kind of a God-honoring life.


Seasons change, as God’s call on our life changes. I’m not waking up at 4 am anymore. However, with each new season, I’ve learned to listen to God’s voice for what he is asking me to do.


Friends, we’re not called to live a balanced life. We’re called to bring glory to God in all we do, whether that is big or small, balanced, or extreme.


Focusing on what magazines are saying or friends are doing hinders our ability to hear God’s call on our life. We must take the focus off of others and start listening. Are we leaning into what God is uniquely asking us to do even if it feels off-kilter with what the world might think?


You are the handiwork of a great, artistic Creator. When He wakes you up to an idea or task, will you do it? Remember, saints and heroes were made by radically following Christ’s call, not by following a formula.


Are you struggling to find balance in your life? The struggle is real. Listening to Christ and not what other people think or say is not easy. But let me encourage you to be who you are. Seek to glorify God in your life rather than striving for balance, and you will do amazing things.


What is one thing God is asking of you to do today?


– Sarah

Sarah Green


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