On Reciting Prayer


“Glory Be to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit…” Do you find reciting prayers boring and monotonous? I’ve heard it said that prayer should come from the heart. I agree. Yet, is it possible to recite a prayer from the heart? I believe the power of the Holy Spirit is at work in the recitation of age-old prayers.

Prayer can take on many different forms that flow from an inner relationship with Christ. More often than not, I pour my heart out to Christ through journaling. However, there are times I don’t know what to say. When grief leaves me with no words, or even just a hard day; I sometimes need to rest in someone else’s words. As with scripture, another’s words can speak more accurately to my heart. A few of the prayers that have enriched my life are:

The Lord’s Prayer: I’ve spent much time over the years breaking down “The Lord’s Prayer” from scripture.

The Breviary: My husband and I regularly recite the Liturgy of the Hours, or Breviary, a few times per week, which is based on age-old prayers, scripture, hymns, and the Psalms. These are the official set of prayers marking each hour, sanctifying the day with prayer. As I pray the beautiful words from our prayer book, it’s comforting to know that people all over the world are praying these same words.

The Glory Be: Recently, “The Glory Be” lingers in my heart. When I recite, “…all glory be to you my Father, the Son, lover of my soul, and the Holy Spirit..” I make the prayer personal. My desire is to deeply bring glory to God in every area of my life, no matter how menial or how profound. Whether I’m dealing with a tantrum, teen, dishes, or writing this post, this prayer reminds me that all glory goes to my never-changing Father. My emotions may change, but my God remains the same.

These ancient prayers are just a few of the many prayers that can enrich your prayer life, too. Far from monotony and lacking meaning, these prayers often are the perfect language that can speak to your heart what you did not realize it needed.

I used to be of the mindset that these rote prayers were impersonal and inauthentic. But a sacred pause with a noonday Angelus is usually just what I desperately need in my busy and chaotic day. When I don’t have the words, it is comforting to know I can lean on those who have gone before me to give me the words. Through these prayers, I’ve seen the Holy Spirit at work in my life.

What kind of prayer have you found to enrich your life?

– Sarah


Sarah Green


  1. Gerise ❣️

    Oh I so love the beauty of written prayer. It is through these prayers that laid the foundations of our faiths. You are so right, when our hearts can’t find the words, it’s wonderful to have these prayers to lean in on. Thank you for your insight! ❣️

    • blessedarethey9gmailcom

      They are such a gift!

  2. Jody

    My thoughts exactly. Sometimes they are the best. On the night our first son died, the shock was so gigantic that actual “thought “ on my part was completely nil. I was so grateful that we had the
    Prayers of the Our Father, Hail Mary &Glory Be that we recited millions of times. I felt God obviously knew what we were going through; those prayers were the only words I could intelligibly speak. I was and am very grateful for them.

    • blessedarethey9gmailcom

      Oh Jody, I truly can’t imagine. There are no words for that kind of suffering. Thank you for sharing, I admire your faithfulness!

  3. Jeannette Wilcock

    I have come to love these prayers that add rythm and pause to my days. I really love the Memorare and Divine Mercy Chaplet as well. Thanks Sarah

    • blessedarethey9gmailcom

      I especially love the Memorare as well!

  4. Corinne Crabb

    When I’m upset or can’t sleep I always love to say my rosary! Love Aunt Corinne

    • blessedarethey9gmailcom

      I love the meditation and calming aspect of the Rosary, Aunt Corinne! It’s a powerful prayer!


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