About Us

Hi, we’re Sarah Green and Gerise Vignaroli and together we’re Blessed Are They.

Since we opened our doors in 2018, we have been focused on serving our community with religious books and gifts based out of our brick-and-mortar storefront in downtown Casper, Wyoming.

As a local shop we are expanding our storefront to now offer online shopping to better serve our local community as well as those that aren’t so local. We offer many shipping options, gift wrapping, and in-store pickup.


About Gerise

I grew up Catholic in a small town in central Kansas. The youngest of 8 children raised on a Herford and wheat farm. At age 19 I relocated to Casper, WY, following family and a handsome young man I had met back when I was 16 years of age. I wanted to get to know this guy whom I thought would be a pretty amazing husband, and it turns out all that was true. My husband and I have been married 35 years and have three beautiful children (one beautiful daughter and two handsome sons) and one amazing grandson whom we adore. We had the privilege of homeschooling our children, our primary reason for doing so was to bring faith into their studies and to cultivate a love for the Catholic faith.


As our children grew up, I started a business in photo preservation for over six years. After those years, I began feeling called to something more where I knew God was calling me to do something a bit different. About six months after the first nudge Sarah started chatting with me about her desire to open a faith-based Book & Gift shop. I encouraged her as she discerned that desire and soon she was asking me to start the venture together. I have never looked back and feel completely blessed to offer beautiful faith filled items to our customers.

When I am not working, my favorite thing to do is spend time with our sweet little one-year old Grandson, Giovanni and our three incredible kids and our amazing son-in-law. Life is always better when we are sharing it with those whom we love. Some of the things we enjoy together are hiking, camping, biking, & gardening. I love exploring new places. Life is an adventure in every way and we give all glory to our amazing Lord who has gifted it to us. I also enjoy reading and learning more about our beautiful faith.


About Sarah

Sarah Elizabeth Green here. I am wife of Damon and mom of six ranging from 6-23! We are a homeschool family who is humbled everyday by the enormity of raising and educating our children. When God’s calls, we must listen, and truly we press on because we love the homeschool lifestyle and the freedom it gives our family. Here’s a little bit about the culture of our family and what we love: books, books, and more books (another reason we homeschool), athletics, outdoor life, community, ect.ect.ect. We love life…truly, without sounding cheesy…because God taught us how to love life.

Personally, I love athletics and writing. I’ve ran my body into the ground, probably because I’m like a young boy who can’t stop moving. I’ve been sprinting since I was a girl, ran marathons in my 20’s and 30’s and now I’m an intense hiker/power walker (all fits well into my intense personality). As for writing, I have every detail of my life scribbled in hundreds of journals and notebooks. The pavement and the pen is how I process, grow, and work out my life. I enjoy cooking and getting dirty in the garden, but I make every excuse possible not to clean. Thank goodness we all have different gifts. I’ll cook…you clean, that works in our house…sometimes.

“Coffee gets me going, God keeps me going”

About The Coffee

Coffee holds a special place in our hearts. With the smell of fresh grounds permeating the air and warm ceramic in hand, we have found ourselves making new connections and bonding with those closest to us.

We want to invite all who enter our doors to partake in conversation and community over a cup of coffee (or maybe another warm beverage if that’s not your cup of tea), so please, come in and join us!

About The Shop

In our curated selection, you will find handmade items from Christian individuals or groups, books for those wanting to explore and grow in their faith, and gifts for young and mature alike.

Our online store is regularly being updated with our most up-to-date selection of products—if you don’t want to drop by the store feel free to check out what we have in the store through our website’s store. Since 2018, we’ve offered our local community here in the Wyoming some very fine gifts, collectibles, and decor.

Our Specialties

More Than Just Books

From rosaries and jewelry to clothing and childrens-specific items, our selection covers a wide array of religious goods.

Specialty & Crafted

Our obsession for finding the unique and meaningful is why we have items that can be found nowhere else.

Everyone Has Such Kind Words To Say!

-Gigi L.

“I love the many options to choose from for gift giving as well as expanding my faith collection. At Blessed Are They, the people are friendly and always helpful. I recommend them to anyone looking for unique faith items for family and friends.”

-Erin M.

“This place is an absolute treasure! Owners, Gerise and Sarah, are always so warm and welcoming. The store offers wonderful and unique items to help you grow in your faith. I always look forward to shopping in the store to see the new inventory and having great conversations in a cozy atmosphere”

-Christina W.

“I love this store! It’s my one-stop shop for all things Catholic. Their store is so warm and cozy, making you feel right at home! They truly have something for everyone! Whether it be birthday gifts, anniversary presents, beautiful children’s books and tools to help them grow in the faith, Bibles, or gifts for those receiving the sacraments, Blessed Are They is pretty much the only place I shop. If they don’t have it in stock, the owners are so gracious and helpful in ordering what you need, not to mention they are the sweetest ladies around. I highly recommend this store and it is truly a light in our town!”

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