The Catholic Family Handbook: Time Tested Wisdom To Help You Strengthen Your Marraige And Raise Good Kids


Here is a crucial book for you if you want to shield your family from the effects of our selfish secular culture, which destroys families and poisons relationships.

Fr. Lawrence Lovasik, the renowned author of The Hidden Power of Kindness, gives faithful Catholics all the essential ingredients of a stable and loving Catholic marriage and family — ingredients that are in danger of being lost in our turbulent age.

Using Scripture and Church teachings in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step format, Fr. Lovasik helps you understand the proper role of the Catholic father and mother and the blessings of family. He shows you how you can secure happiness in marriage, develop the virtues necessary for a successful marriage, raise children in a truly Catholic way, and much more.

Let Fr. Lovasik strengthen your marriage and family as you discover:

Three things you can learn from the Holy Family about living as a family today

The secret of gaining God’s blessing and peace upon your family: do you know it?

Four crucial lessons no school can teach to your children (only you can!)

Why marital happiness is not automatic, but must be earned (and how to earn it)

Common mistakes fathers make that can damage their families irrevocably

The primary requirement for family happiness: does your family measure up?

The secret of overcoming the anger that can disrupt any relationship

Eleven simple steps you can take to bring harmony to your marriage right now

Are you selfish? Sixteen searching questions to ask yourself in order to find out

Four qualities that every good parent has: can you name them? Do you have them?

Sex education: how to navigate this minefield in a way that is good for your kids

Plus much more that will help you imbue your family with Catholic values!

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